Real Cider and Perry

CAMRA Supports Real Cider and Perry

Cider and perry are the drinks produced from the fermented juice of apples and pears respectively.

Unlike real ale production, which can happen at any time of the year, real cider & perry can only be made when the fruit is ripe. The Cider Producer (rather than a Brewer) may use a mixture of bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples or sweet dessert apples, or a mixture of the two to make cider; but perry can only be made from specialized perry pears, which are high in natural tannin.

The choosing, pressing and blending of the fruit to make cider is just as much of a craft as making beer and produces a vast range of tastes, styles and aromas, similar to those produced in fine wine. Like wine, each year's fruit produces a unique vintage, so much so that cider and perry have been sometimes called ‘The Wine of the West’.

For more on cider and perry, see the CAMRA Website Cider Page.

Kent Cider Makers

Click here to view a map and contact details of all the known cider makers in Kent.